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We help you identify opportunities in Canada, plan your expansion, and execute it seamlessly.

Why Canada?

Unparalleled Access

With 14 trade agreements, Canada is the only G7 country that offers investors preferential market access to more than 50 countries, with over 1.5 billion consumers and a combined GDP of nearly USD $50 trillion.

Talented Work Force

Canada is #1 most attractive country for entrepreneurs, #5 most attractive country for skilled talent, and the most educated country in the world.

Immigration Friendly

Canada grows its family by welcoming more than 300,000 of new permanent residents every year. This is why Canada is the MOST immigration friendly nation in the entire world.

Rich & Supportive Government

Canada, both federally and provincially, has more than CAD 100 billion in funds, grants, incentives, and credits for businesses of all sizes to use for R&D, trade, innovation, and grow. ​

Our Ultimate Expansion Experience

Regardless of where you are coming from, and how similar it may be to Canada, every country is different. Business expansion to new jurisdictions can be overwhelming: Differences in markets, culture, regulatory frameworks, and institutions can hinder expansion goals for the unprepared business.

At Bay & Co., we overcome these obstacles by providing you with a one-stop access to a multi-disciplinary network of professionals, advisors and mentors. We first assign your business a dedicated Project Coordinator (PC) to help you determine your expansion needs and goals. We will then devise a plan for achieving your objectives, and together we will execute that plan. With the help of our diverse network of seasoned professionals, we facilitate your expansion by removing the unfamiliar, so you can focus on the core issue: Making your mark in Canada.

Save Time & Money

This is a one-stop service, we will take care of everything for you so you don’t have to spend your time on every piece of the puzzle. Your PC will manage all aspects of the plan or coordinate various parts of the service. You tell your story once, and we make sure everyone gets it.  

Choose Your Team

Before you commit to anything, your PC will make recommendations for your dedicated team of professionals and nothing will be finalized unless you are completely satisfied with your team. 

Know What You Get

All costs, fees, and expenses will be transparent from the get-go and all deliverables will be identified prior to commencement of service delivery. Managing, and meeting your expectations is of very important to us.

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