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Our carefully vetted and selected start-ups have our full dedication, and receive unparalleled support through our vast, influential, and global network of advisors, and mentors. We are all one big family each playing a significant role to ensure we all win, together. As an investor, you are no different. So expect to play a role, love, and be loved!

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Our Investor Portal gives you access to information—in plain language—about our ventures, and enables you to search, identify, contact, and choose your next investment.

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You are about to be family, so expect a lot of scrutiny before receiving our love! here is the process:

Tell us you are interested
You can do this by completing and submitting this form.
We'll (e-)meet
If we are confident we can create value for you based on the information you have provided, we will gladly contact you to set up a meeting.
You'll give us more information and some documents
If our meeting proves that we are a match, that is we can meet and exceed your expectations, and you understand and accept our terms, then we ask you to provide us with more information and documents.
We do our due diligence
We do this with all our new family members, we verify and do our due diligence. always.
You sign and pay initiation fee
Once we have successfully conducted our due diligence, we will send you a short agreement detailing our arrangements to sign. You will also need to pay an initiation fee of CAD 300.
Welcome to our family!
Once we take care of all the formalities, it is time to grant you access to our portal and help you find the best suited opportunity.

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