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Startup Visa Program

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Canada’s Startup Visa Program, which is a unique immigration program, provides a pathway and an opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs with innovative businesses, to establish their ventures in Canada and obtain permanent residency for up to five co-founders and their families.


Proficiency in English or French is required -minimum level of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in either English or French.


You should have at least 50% of the ownership of the business you buy or establish in Canada.

Financial Requirements

Sufficient funds with the minimum amount varying based on family size is required.

Permanent Residency

Successful entrepreneurs and their families can apply for permanent residency, gaining access to citizen rights and benefits in Canada.

Designated Organizations

Secured letter of support from a designated organization, assigned by the Canadian government – designated VCs, Angel Investors, and Incubators/Accelerators.

In Canada we believe in innovation and building our economy around it. Innovation starts with people, talented, and hardworking like yourself. That’s why our government has created a special immigration program, the Start-up Visa Program for encouraging entrepreneurs to innovate and live permanently in Canada.

Among the 17 countries that offer start-up visa programs to foreign entrepreneurs, Canada is the ONLY one that grants the right of permanent residency from the get-go. We are serious about innovation!



We are looking for:

We are globally in search of the most promising and impactful entrepreneurs who possess the necessary qualities to scale their businesses. At a minimum, our acceleration program expects the founding team to have the following: 

Pre-incubation & Validation

1-2 Months

We support you from pre-incubation, helping you evaluate and validate your business concept for the Canadian market. Our expert team help you strengthen and transform your idea or foreign venture into a solid, data-driven plan that effectively tells your unique story.

Matching & Letter of Support

2-4 Weeks

Based on the unique characteristics of your venture and team, and the criteria set by top Designated Organizations, we facilitate the matching process and assist you in obtaining a Letter of Support from the most suitable and reputable organizations.

Bay&Co Extensive Acceleration Program

8-10 Months

Our program, rooted in engineering and product development, offers a holistic, long-term solution that complements existing programs, that are typically of broader scope and shorter duration. We tailor it meticulously to meet your unique needs, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.

Transition & Settlement in Canada

4-6 Months

Our comprehensive incubation and acceleration program stands out by covering essential areas like business, technology, finance, and legal. We offer ongoing support until your successful transition and settlement in Canada.

What Do We Offer

for your constant growth:

Perfect Match

Through our extensive network of top designated organizations, immigration & business lawyers, investors, partners and industry experts, we connect you with the right resources and support tailored to your business needs.

Business Development Support

Benefit from our expertise in business and technology development as we provide guidance and assistance in establishing your operations in Canada. Our business and technical advisors are here to help with your strategic direction, design & development best practices, setting up and executing your business and technical roadmap.

Market Entry Strategy

Our experienced team will work closely with you to develop a customized market entry strategy, taking into account market research, competitor analysis, and regulatory considerations. We will help you navigate the complexities of entering the Canadian market and position your business for success.

Mentorship, Networking, and Resources

Connect with seasoned mentors, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights and expand your professional connections through networking events and workshops. Access a wealth of resources, including market reports, industry insights, and business tools, to make informed decisions and drive your growth in the Canadian market.

Looking to join a Start-up?

We have an exclusive portfolio of start-ups in different fields, and TRL stages that are actively looking for qualified co-founders, executives, and investors.

If you believe you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the world of high-risk high-reward businesses, or you are eager to maximize your return on promising start-ups, or wish to bring your years of knowledge and experience to a different world, get in touch today!