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We are proud of our many years of hard work building, and growing businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our simplest yet most important lesson: We are our work. Our work is our identity and the purest reflection of our values.

Management Team


Melika Miran

Founder/CEO - Head of Programs

Naeim Naghavi

Head of Projects

Craig Major

Networking Support

Arash Shekarian

Head of Expansion
Mohammad Momeni

Mohammad Momeni

Development Lead

Azi Nejad

Development Support
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Ayasha Edenshaw

Project Coordinator
Shahrzad Rahimoghli

Shahrzad Rahimoghli

Media Manager
Our Affiliates

Peter M. Liber

Fintech & Advanced Technologies - Senior Account Executive @ Ontario Ministry of Economic Development
Peter has been a Senior Account Executive at the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade for the past 10 years, specializing in Fintech, Information and Communications Technology, Financial Services, Fintech, and Cybersecurity. His role involves promoting Ontario as an attractive destination for foreign and domestic investments, facilitating foreign trade missions, supporting accelerators, incubators, and technology start-ups. With over 30 years of experience in Technology Sales and Marketing, including work in Silicon Valley and Dallas, Peter brings valuable expertise to our organization.

Dr. Behzad Moshiri

Machine Intelligence & Robotics - Adjunct Professor@ The University of Waterloo
Behzad holds a Ph.D. in control systems engineering and currently serves as a professor of control systems engineering at the University of Tehran, while also working as an adjunct professor at the University of Waterloo. With extensive international experience as a visiting scholar in countries like Japan, Germany, and Canada, he is a senior member of IEEE and a senior research fellow at Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy. His expertise spans over two decades in coaching and guiding entrepreneurs, particularly in areas such as Intelligent Transportation Systems, Human-Robot Interaction, Industry 4.0, Advanced Industrial Automation, Data/Information Fusion, and Intelligent Financial Engineering. His wealth of knowledge adds significant value to Bay & Co's incubation program.

Sergio de Ilzarbe

Accounting & Finance - Founder @ AidVenture Consulting
Sergio brings a decade of experience building financial models and years of experience helping early-stage, venture-backed startups to set up their full finance and accounting processes. His objective has always been to help companies get a true understanding of their business, their needs, and road ahead, instead of focusing only on complying with the regulations. "I love startups, because I enjoy working with teams, gathering different points of view, and developing solutions that are customized and unique in each case, my objective is that you see no difference working with me, in fact, eventually, I hope you can trust me, as much as any other member of your team." says Sergio. Sergio's current clients include Sumo Scheduler, AndGo by Goodyear, Loti Wellness among others.

Nikki Mobini

Design & Build - Managing Partner @ Upside Development
Nikki is a Regulated Healthcare Professional turned Entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She has successfully built two companies in diverse industries. Nikki co-founded Upside Development in 2013, showcasing her expertise in business development, branding, sales and marketing, growth and strategy, partnerships, and client relations. Additionally, she founded Thinktank Workspace Inc, a co-working space catering to freelancers and entrepreneurs, providing an affordable office space and fostering a sense of community. Nikki's passions lie in innovation, entrepreneurship, advisory services, women in business, and wellness.

Mandip Kanjiya

Software Development - CTO @ Vite HR
Mandip is a serial tech entrepreneur and Angel investor for early-stage startups, helping startups with tech and go-to-market strategies. He has a demonstrated history of working in the tech industry and is a proven technical leader and software development expert who has spent his career on the front lines of innovation in digital media, marketing/advertising, Web services, and SaaS. He is experienced in building high-performance teams that span geographies and deliver results that exceed expectations. Skilled in Analytical Skills, AI/ML & Digital mobility, and Team Building.

Andrii Lychuk

Geographic Information Systems - CEO at Wild Field GIS
Andrii Lychuk is the visionary founder of Wild Fields GIS, a company specializing in custom GIS software solutions. With 15+ years of experience in the IT industry, Andrii is a prominent figure known for his innovative approach. Through Wild Fields GIS, he delivers cutting-edge solutions that harness the power of geographic information systems. Andrii's leadership has transformed the company into a symbol of advanced software, enabling businesses and organizations to leverage spatial data for data-driven decision-making. His commitment to excellence and technological advancement positions him as a visionary leader in the GIS realm.

Dr. Catherine Frelin

Research Funds & Incentives Programs - Director @ Felix SR&ED
Catherine is a science enthusiast. She completed her PhD in molecular biology at the University of Nice in France. She worked as a stem cell scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center for almost 10 years. In parallel to her academic career, she worked as a consultant for 8 years, providing scientific expertise and advising many clients from the healthcare and biotech sector on how to finance research and innovation projects. She co-founded Felix Medical SR&ED in 2015 that helps companies finance their R&D projects and get governmental support, and that's where Bay & Co's start-ups can benefit from her years of experience and knowledge the most.

Greg Potapenko

Sales & Marketing - Founder @ H-Hour
For the last decade, Greg has been a Founder, bootstrapping his way to launching, building and scaling two 7-figure companies.Direct-Response Growth Marketing Agency, which Generated millions of new users and leads for clients in various industries using paid media; and a Direct-to-Consumer electronics brand that went from $0 to $2M USD in sales in less than 12 months.Greg has built and led teams of direct response copywriters, media buyers, sales funnel builders, influencer marketers, conversion rate optimization specialists, etc. to profitably manage 7-figure ad campaigns for internal & external clients. He has also served in the Canadian Military, where he Led and supervised teams of up to 60-90 members. He says he is most fulfilled when he is helping other Founders, while his motto is “We only rise by lifting others”.

Amber Enkhbayar

Sales & Marketing - Business Development Manager @ Sharma Wealth Management
Amber is an expert in Business Development which includes Digital & Traditional marketing, Sales, Social Media content, & strategies, SEO, Front-end coding, and more. She has been working as Business Development Manager in Financial Services in the last 2 years in Toronto and now is looking to help, mentor, and consult startups. She has taken roles in various industries such as HSE coach in the construction industry in Mongolia, Foreign Affairs manager for import & export certification in China, and Sales & Marketing manager in Canada. Amber has a Master's Degree in Business Management from Beijing Foreign Studies University, speaking native Mongolian, fluent English, and intermediate Chinese & French.

Adam Pivko

E-commerce - Founder @ Autumn DNA
Adam has been involved in nearly every aspect of the e-commerce and performance marketing industry over the past 15 years. He has helped 100s of founders and 1000s of brands make more money, save more money and grow. Now, he is also the founder of his own direct-to-consumer wellness brand that personalizes vitamins regimens based on a user's DNA and Lifestyle choices - Autumn DNA. Adam is proficient at conversion rate optimization, copywriting, affiliate marketing, media buying, retention, merchant processing, anti-fraud, fulfillment, customer service, email/SMS marketing, maximizing AOV/CLTV, and the ever-changing landscape of tech tools/providers. If Adam can't help on a specific challenge, chances are he knows someone or a company that can.
Enzi Jia

Enzo Jia

AR/VR - CEO @ Longan Vision
Enzo is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Longan Vision Corp. He got his Master’s degree in applied science and major mechanics from McMaster University, and worked at Skyjack and Magna for two years to gain work experience, and necessary skills and manufacturing understandings before starting his own company. He started Longan Vision with the motive of helping firefighters with their day to day rescue process. As he had a relevant graduation project (Heads-up Display (HUD) optical device for drivers), he believed in building a device for firefighters to reduce casualties and boost efficiency, by using thermal imaging and augmented reality technology. And, that transition created Longan Vision that is creating headlines today with its biggest customer being the Government of Canada.

Igor Omelianchuk

AR/VR - CEO @ Corsac Technologies Corporation
Igor Omelianchuk is the founder of Corsac Technologies Corporation, a pioneering company focused on software development and AR/VR innovation. With a deep passion for cutting-edge technology, Igor has dedicated his career to pushing the boundaries of augmented and virtual reality. Through his expertise in software project management and relentless drive, he has led the creation of innovative software solutions that seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds, transforming industries and enabling users to have immersive experiences. Igor has about 10 years of experience in digital products development and works with startups to help them build sustainable R&D and take their creative ideas to the market.

Graham Hill

Management Standards & Certification - CEO @ Grahim Hill Consulting
Graham, a management consultant with 20 years of experience, has worked across a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, transportation, nuclear, construction, electronics, and more. He has led numerous successful implementation and maintenance projects for various ISO standards ie ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22001, ISO27001, AS9101, (TS) IATF16949, consistently achieving first-time registrations. Additionally, Graham has assisted clients in achieving significant cost reductions through process improvement and reengineering initiatives. His passion for helping companies achieve and maintain operational excellence has brought us together today.

Carolina Pradilla

Human Factors & UX/UI - Organizational Engineering Consultant
The question that drives Carolina’s exploration is: “How can we innovate in order to enhance human potential rather than constricting it?” Throughout her journey as an engineer, yogini and scientist she has acquired skills to comprehend technology as well as the human experience at a profound level. As a process optimization enthusiast, she believes most problems are rooted in miscommunication. Therefore, she focuses on strengthening personal development, communication skills, and team coherence. Behind every screen there is a human being. Carolina uses an integrative and holistic approach to develop all angles of a business while keeping the human at the centre - a company’s most important resource.

Sandeep Khode

Software Solutions - CEO @ Stridebiz
Sandeep is a techie turned Entrepreneur, who has founded two companies. In his first company WordsMaya, he created the team and led product ideation, engineering, technology architecture, software development, and so on along with raising funds via Angel Investors and VCs for WordsMaya. Sandeep has also started another company called StrideBiz, that helps businesses simplify their I.T. needs and enhance their technology via building SaaS applications, Web applications, RPAs, and Chatbots. By education, Sandeep has Masters in Software Engineering from Thapar University, India, and has track record of helping entrepreneurs innovate/ advance software solutions.

Mojdeh Sedaghat

Pharmaceutical - Quality Assurance Supervisor @ UniLab Analytical Services
Mojdeh has 7+ years of experience providing analytical, regulatory, and quality systems consulting services in the pharmaceutical field. Her expertise spans the entire regulatory process, guiding companies in establishing labs and obtaining Drug Establishment Licenses. Mojdeh excels in regulatory compliance, GMP document preparation, verification and validation, protocol and SOP development, and Data Integrity Validation. She assists companies with FDA and Health Canada regulations, audits, and addresses diverse needs within the pharmaceutical industry.

Will Greenblatt

Professional Speaking Coach -- CEO @ OutLoud
Will Greenblatt is a corporate communication & professional speaking coach, actor and musician, and empathy & mental health expert who has been acting professionally since he was seven years old, initially starring in The Homecoming with Academy Award Winner Anne Bancroft. He is co-founder of an agency of actors teaching public speaking & communication skills to entrepreneurs and executives. He has repeatedly spoken and coached at Google, Wayfair, TechStars, Boston Dynamics, and Ericsson, providing coaching to over 4500 individuals virtually worldwide, and is an outstanding example of mental health and corporate communication coach. His clients have won numerous pitch competitions and raised over USD 200 million in investment.
Emily Lukaweski

Emily Lukaweski

Immigration & Employment Law - CEO @ Novate Legal
Emily excels at providing Canadian business immigration, employment, and corporate commercial legal services to businesses of all sizes across Canada and the world. Her passion is for advising Canadian new-comers on how to bring themselves, their business, their teams, and their families into Canada and helping them grow in their new home. Her clients are at the centre of what she does. She believes, they are in a unique position — coming to a new country and trying to establish themselves and their businesses. This requires a lawyer who cares about them on a deeper level, who wants to hear their stories, and is dedicated to finding workable solutions that truly fit their needs.
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