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*Others: Role models with wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise who are genuinely enthusiastic about sharing their wealth with others to see them grow and achieve their goals.

Management Team
Melika Miran - CEO at Bay & Co

Melika Miran

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Mischa Hamara

Head of Incubation
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Arash Shekarian

Head of Expansion
Reza Tajvari

Reza Tajvari

Development Lead
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Naeim Naghavi

Project Controller
Mentors & Advisors
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Peter M. Liber

Fintech & Advanced Technologies - Senior Account Executive @ Ontario Ministry of Economic Development
For the past 10 years, Peter has been a Senior Account Executive at the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade working in Fintech and Information and Communications Technology.His focus has been in the ICT sector as well as Financial Services, Fintech and Cybersecurity. Peter works to help bring foreign direct investment by promoting Ontario’s existing strengths and enhancing its reputation as a destination of choice for foreign and domestic private sector investments. He is also involved with foreign trade missions; Ontario based accelerators and incubators as well as technology start-ups and the Angel Investor community.Peter has over 30 years of experience in Technology Sales and Marketing and has worked for companies from around the globe, with a focus on Silicon Valley, CA and Dallas, TX, and it's a pleasure to have him in our family.
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Dr. Catherine Frelin

Research Funds & Incentives Programs - Director @ Felix SR&ED
Catherine is a science enthusiast. She completed her PhD in molecular biology at the University of Nice in France. She worked as a stem cell scientist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center for almost 10 years. In parallel to her academic career, she worked as a consultant for 8 years, providing scientific expertise and advising many clients from the healthcare and biotech sector on how to finance research and innovation projects. She co-founded Felix Medical SR&ED in 2015 that helps companies finance their R&D projects and get governmental support, and that's where Bay & Co's start-ups can benefit from her years of experience and knowledge the most.
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Graham Hill

Management Standards & Certification - CEO @ Grahim Hill Consulting
In his 20 years as a management consultant, Graham's experience has spanned practically every industry including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, transportation and distribution, nuclear, construction, electronics, injection molding, tool and die, metal fabrication, heavy equipment manufacturing, paper, printing, construction, industrial and retail services. He has successfully led a very large number of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22001, ISO27001, AS9101, (TS) IATF16949 implementation and maintenance projects with flawless record for first-time registrations. Graham has also helped his clients realize substantial cost reductions through improvement and process reengineering projects. His passion for helping companies achieve and maintain operational excellence has brought us together today.

Dr. Behzad Moshiri

Machine Intelligence & Robotics - Adjunct Professor@ The University of Waterloo
Behzad received his Ph.D. in control systems engineering from UMIST, Manchester, U.K. in 1992. He is currently professor of control systems engineering at the university of Tehran and adjunct professor at the university of Waterloo. He has been an invited visiting scholar at the universities in different countries including Japan, Germany and Canada (Ontario) since 2004. He is the senior member of IEEE and the senior research fellow at WISE (Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy). Behzad has more than two decades experience in coaching and guiding entrepreneurs in the fields of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Human-Robot Interaction, Industry 4.0, Advanced Industrial Automation, Data/Information Fusion concept based on AI and Machine learning and Intelligent financial engineering, which adds a great value to Bay & Co’s incubation program.

Daniel Spataro

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - CEO @
Daniel is as knowledgeable as he is passionate about entrepreneurship and technological innovation. As the CEO and founder of and an active mentor at several accelerators in Toronto and across North America Daniel is a valuable contributor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. His curiosity forces you to learn about the unexplored areas or unresolved issues surrounding your business, which translates into a deeper understanding of the organization’s values, goals and overall vision. He’s a pleasure to work with and a critical member of our mentorship team.

Carolina Pradilla

Human Factors & UX/UI - Organizational Engineering Consultant
The question that drives Carolina’s exploration is: “How can we innovate in order to enhance human potential rather than constricting it?” Throughout her journey as an engineer, yogini and scientist she has acquired skills to comprehend technology as well as the human experience at a profound level. As a process optimization enthusiast, she believes most problems are rooted in miscommunication. Therefore, she focuses on strengthening personal development, communication skills, and team coherence. Behind every screen there is a human being. Carolina uses an integrative and holistic approach to develop all angles of a business while keeping the human at the centre - a company’s most important resource.
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Vadim Lidich

App Development - Founder @ coSquare
Vadim Lidich is a serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, and a business podcast host. Currently he works on coSquare - a platform, that helps entrepreneurs and freelancers incorporate their businesses. Traditionally, company owners who want to register their company would have to pay thousands of dollars to a corporate lawyer. With coSquare, they can now incorporate their business, issue shares, appoint directors -all from the convenience of their browser. Vadim arrived in Canada back in 2013 at the age of 17. He learned to speak English by watching YouTube, got his career started in finance, taught himself how to code, and has been building tech businesses in Real Estate, Fintech, Legal Tech, and eSports industries, over the past 6+ years. We're very happy to have a talent like Vadim joining our family.
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Sergio de Ilzarbe

Accounting & Finance - Founder @ AidVenture Consulting
Sergio brings a decade of experience building financial models and years of experience helping early-stage, venture-backed startups to set up their full finance and accounting processes. His objective has always been to help companies get a true understanding of their business, their needs, and road ahead, instead of focusing only on complying with the regulations. "I love startups, because I enjoy working with teams, gathering different points of view, and developing solutions that are customized and unique in each case, my objective is that you see no difference working with me, in fact, eventually, I hope you can trust me, as much as any other member of your team." says Sergio. Sergio's current clients include Sumo Scheduler, AndGo by Goodyear, Loti Wellness among others.
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Sandeep Khode

Software Solutions - CEO @ Stridebiz
Sandeep is a techie turned Entrepreneur, who has founded two companies. In his first company WordsMaya, he created the team and led product ideation, engineering, technology architecture, software development, and so on along with raising funds via Angel Investors and VCs for WordsMaya. Sandeep has also started another company called StrideBiz, that helps businesses simplify their I.T. needs and enhance their technology via building SaaS applications, Web applications, RPAs, and Chatbots. By education, Sandeep has Masters in Software Engineering from Thapar University, India, and has track record of helping entrepreneurs innovate/ advance software solutions.

Assel Beglinova

Fintech - CEO @ Paperstack
Assel initially arrived in Canada as an international student, went to school to study accounting, and worked in Canadian banks. She is super excited about her journey and what she brings to the table, as a co-founder/CEO at Paperstack- bookkeeping on autopilot and tax filing platform for self-employed. Paperstack helps freelancers maximize all the write-offs and pay less taxes. Assel also co-founded MapleMaker community that supports early-stage startup founders, since she highly believes that entrepreneurship could be tough journey, and she is proud to be part of a community that helps them with this journey.

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We love nothing more than expanding our family with role models that are, beyond “successful”, genuinely enthusiastic about sharing their experiences to see others grow. Our mentors have skills, knowledge, and expertise in their fields of practice, but more importantly they have the humility, skills, and mindset to commit time and energy to help their teams succeed.

Our mentors get their joy of fulfilment from building relationships with our carefully selected teams who are ready, willing and committed to learning, hardwrok, and achieving their clear goals.

To get the most from mentoring relationships, we do a lot to ensure mentors and teams are matched perfectly, relationships are properly structured, roles, expectations and arrangements are clearly communicated to all parties, and ongoing support is provided at all stages of the process. 

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