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Global Businesses
Business Transfer Program

Unlock your business’s potential in Canada with our Business immigration expertise.

In addition to assisting entrepreneurs in starting or acquiring businesses in Canada, we also provide support for foreign entrepreneurs looking to transfer or expand their existing businesses into the Canadian market.

Relevant Experience

You should have the history and aptitude to set up a successful venture or have the resources and skillset to purchase an existing Canada-based business and turn it to into a profitable entity.


You should have at least has 50% of the ownership of the business you buy or establish in Canada.

Business Plan

You should have a carefully crafted business plan that is both feasible and practical in real-world scenarios.

Benefit for Canada

You should be able to develop a range of activities that can contribute to the betterment of Canada and its population across various domains and aspects of life.

Sufficient Groundwork

You should conduct and have enough groundwork to establish your business/work in Canada.

When it comes to foreign entrepreneurs interested in establishing or expanding their businesses and settling in Canada, there are additional considerations related to business immigration requirements. Specifically, Canada’s International Mobility Program plays a crucial role in facilitating these processes. This program offers businesses the flexibility to hire foreign workers and transfer key employees to Canada.

Leveraging our expertise in business matters, as well as our extensive legal & compliance network, we can guide you through your entrepreneurial journey, offering a range of options. These include intra-company transfers, participation in the Global Talent Stream, and access to other mobility pathways. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition for your business in Canada.



We are looking for:

Your success is our success, and we take pride in the successful transition and growth of your business in Canada. Therefore, we carefully choose our applicants to ensure they have what it is needed to get them there. We are looking for the following in our applicants: 

Business Strategizing & Planning

4-6 weeks

Plan Execution & Demonstrated Benefit

1-2 Months

Documentation, Legal & Compliance

1-3 Months

Settlement & Growth in Canada


What Do We Offer

for your constant growth:

Market Research & Due Diligence

We conduct thorough market research to identify suitable businesses for acquisition in Canada. By analyzing industry trends, financial viability, and growth potential, we ensure that you make informed decisions.

Design & Development

We provide comprehensive design and development support to empower you throughout your journey. Whether you need assistance with creating a compelling brand identity, designing a user-friendly solution, or developing custom software solutions, our expert team is here to help.

Negotiations & Deal Structuring

Our experienced team provides expert advice during the negotiation process, helping you secure favorable terms and conditions for the acquisition. We assist in structuring the deal to maximize your investment and mitigate potential risks.

Immigration & Legal Compliance

We work closely with legal professionals to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements related to the business acquisition are met, while helping you understand the eligibility requirements, application process, and necessary documentation to successfully immigrate to Canada through business acquisition.

Looking to transfer your company?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you open or transfer your business to Canada using the International Mobility Program. Together, let’s seize the opportunities that Canada offers and embark on a successful journey in the Canadian business landscape.