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Start-up visa


In Canada we believe in innovation and building our economy around it. Innovation starts with people, talented, and hardworking like yourself. That’s why our government has created a special immigration program, the Start-up Visa Program for encouraging entrepreneurs to innovate and live permanently in Canada.


Canada is becoming an innovation POWERHOUSE.

Based on growth, performance, funding, and exit values, Canada is ranked among the best startup ecosystem in the world. In fact, outside of Silicon Valley, Waterloo has the highest startup density of any area in the world. And with a combination of economic freedom, low startup costs, government funding, accessible business tools, and plenty of talent, Canada is one of the best places to launch and/or grow your start-up. After all, we are the Silicon Valley of the North!  

Among the 17 countries that offer start-up visa programs to foreign entrepreneurs, Canada is the ONLY one that grants the right of permanent residency from the get go. We are serious about innovation!

To qualify, your start-up must first obtain a Letter of Support from a Designated Organization, and then up to 5 shareholders of your business can apply for Permanent Residency with their families.  

In Canada we know what’s at stake with innovation, so unlike many other countries, we care about your good intentions and hard work, not the mechanical success of your start-up. 

See details of this program at immigration refugee and citizenship Canada.


We help our Start-ups with:

perfect match

We help you find co-founders, investors, advisors and mentors. We also help you get the support of the best Designated Organization for your business.


We give you all the development support you need to make your business investor-friendly.

business story

From pitch decks to the most complicated financial projections, and operational plans, we help you tell your best story.


Above and beyond our own network of investors with more than CAD 12 million in pledges, we'll make sure your story is properly heard.

Looking to join a Start-up?

We have an exclusive portfolio of start-ups in different fields, and TRL stages that are actively looking for qualified co-founders, executives, and investors. 

If you believe you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the world of high-risk high-reward businesses, or you are eager to maximize your return on promising start-ups, or wish to bring your years of knowledge and experience to a different world, get in touch today!

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